On this porch where you are now standing, the Matsuoka family was ordered to leave their home and farm on March 25, 1942. The Matsuokas — all American citizens — were given 6 days to dispose of all their belongings other than what they could carry in two suitcases. All other belongings they were ordered to leave behind. They were told to stand at the corner of Avenue 7 and Highway 99 where a flatbed truck would pick them up.

The entire Family was loaded onto an army transport and taken to the Fresno County Fairgrounds where they and thousands…

The Problem With Diversity: It Lacks Diversity

For 29 years, Bill Maher has been touting how diverse his guest panelists are. Long-considered one of television’s leading liberal voices, we decided to do the actual math.

Bill Maher’s home and studio are in Los Angeles County and within one hour’s drive of both reside 8 million people. Of those 8 million, 80% are ethnic Americans (who identify neither as Black nor white.) Fully 40% are Mexican Americans, another 40% are Korean-Americans, Iranian Americans, Chinese Americans, Armenian-Americans and other ethnics.

African-Americans make up 4%. Yet on Bill Maher’s programs the odds of…

It’s easy to see how Germans fell for Nazism: Incrementally.

First, identify the disease inflicting the people: the Jews/Covid.

Next, pick a leader: Der Fuehler/Dr. Fauci

Third, the solution: flatten the curve/flatten their businesses. Kristallnacht.

Fourth, never say you were wrong. Der Fuehrer Dr. Fauci “as we get to know more about it,” the new solution is quarantine/concentration camps.

Fifth, claim it cannot be contained locally, the problem is worldwide/World Jewry.

All the while have propagandists blaring out incessantly how many Germans are dying fighting this plague. Never mind that most Germans had never even met a Jew or that the number of war dead was less than one in 1000. Never give that statistic just give the absolute number of deaths over and over.

This warrants the final solution: eradication/ vaccination.


The Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) was Europe’s bloodiest war. The pretext of the war was religion: Catholic vs. Protestant. A higher percentage of Germans perished in this war (20% of the entire population) than in World War I and World War II combined. Entire cities were burnt to the ground and all their adult inhabitants massacred. The result was hundreds of thousands of children orphaned and left abandoned — viz. foundlings.

American historians estimate between one-half and two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between 1630 and the American Revolution came as white slaves/indentured servants. And…

Civil Rights icon John Lewis — knowing his place in history — instructed the New York Times to publish these “Last Words” on July 30, 2020, the day of his funeral: “When you see something that’s not right, you must say something.” Well, everyday — day in and day out — Asian Awareness sees something in the New York Times that is not right, or more accurately, we don’t see something that is not right.

White Americans make up 56% of the U.S. population. Black Americans make up 12% of the U.S. population. Hispanics make up 18% of the U.S…


Katie Couric and Nancy Pelosi want Confederate statues and monuments to be toppled and removed. The rationalization given is they were “enemies” of the United States. But celebrities and politicians are not historians. They don’t know where the bodies are buried. However, historians do. Real history is messy.

In 1830, Democratic President Andrew Jackson ordered the removal of Native Americans from the eastern U.S. and banished them to lands west of the Mississippi River in the infamous Trail of Tears. Then in 1862, Republican President Abraham Lincoln completed the ethnic cleansing process by signing the Homestead Act giving…

How far have we come, and is this really where we wanted to end up? I recall the Free Speech Movement of the 60s, and in fact I was there. UC Berkeley, and all other college campuses, said that no one was allowed to voice a political opinion on campus. Even JFK was not allowed to speak at UC Berkeley because he was a politician. The students believed that they had the right to express their belief that the Vietnam War was immoral. The students fought, and the students won.

But did they really? Because the message now is different…


In fact, the American market has never been better. Here’s why. This is a list of America’s major race riots: 1919 Red Summer. 24 years later 1943 New York City race riot. 25 years later 1968 Martin Luther King assassination race riots. 24 years later 1992 Rodney King beating race riots. 28 years later 2020 George Floyd suffocation race riots. Investors know abuses happen all the time but national riots only happen once in a generation. Investors also all know the pretext changes but the economic results stay the same…

A Sensational Philosophy


Reading the following may be perilous to your faith.

What this treatise is not about: this is not a method of inquiry which attempts to examine the structure of consciousness in its own right putting aside problems regarding the relationship of consciousness to the physical world. In other words, this is not about phenomenology nor spiritualism.

What this is about is when and where in biological evolution did consciousness emerge and does it have any survival value.

“Nothing worth reading has been written on it. Consciousness is a fascinating but elusive phenomenon: it is impossible to…

Gerald Shmavonian

Explorer of land and mind.

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