It’s easy to see how Germans fell for Nazism: Incrementally.

First, identify the disease inflicting the people: the Jews/Covid.

Next, pick a leader: Der Fuehler/Dr. Fauci

Third, the solution: flatten the curve/flatten their businesses. Kristallnacht.

Fourth, never say you were wrong. Der Fuehrer Dr. Fauci “as we get to know more about it,” the new solution is quarantine/concentration camps.

Fifth, claim it cannot be contained locally, the problem is worldwide/World Jewry.

All the while have propagandists blaring out incessantly how many Germans are dying fighting this plague. Never mind that most Germans had never even met a Jew or that the number of war dead was less than one in 1000. Never give that statistic just give the absolute number of deaths over and over.

This warrants the final solution: eradication/ vaccination.